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India is likely to get MH 60 “ROMEO” Helicopter in early 2021: How will they give firepower to Indian Navy?

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The multi-role MH-60 ‘Romeo’ Seahawk helicopters are advanced naval machines with sensors, missiles and torpedoes. India wants to buy 24 MH-60 ‘Romeo’ anti submarine helicopters from the United states at an estimated cost of $2 billion.
‘Best Defence Institute in Lucknow’ is now here with all you need to know about these Helicopters and why India needs them:
What are ‘Romeo’ Helicopters?
The MH-60 is famously called as ‘Romeo’ and is known as a helicopter that can hunt submarines deep inside the ocean. Made by Sikorsky, a Lockheed Martin company, the helicopters can be effectively employed for offensive and defensive roles Anti-Submarine warfare, Anti-Ship strike, Low intensity Maritime Operations, search and rescue, over the horizon Network Centric Operations and Electronic warfare.
What is the use of MH-60 Romeo helicopters to the Indian Navy?
The helicopters, with anti-surface, anti-submarine warfare, search and rescue mission capabilities, will prove to be a very potent weapon against rising Chinese presence in the Indian Ocean Region.
‘Romeo’ Seahawk helicopters have advanced combat system like sensors, missile and torpedoes to track and hunt enemy boats and submarines. The helicopter can easily strike fear in a submarine captain’s mind. The acquisition of the MH-60 helicopters also provides the Indian Navy, with a key capability and effectively contribute to the Make in India initiative.
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How does the Mh-60 Romeo hunt submarines?

It has a range of radars and sensors to detect the submarine inside deep sea. Sonobuoy launchers and a Raytheon advanced airborne low-frequency (ALFS) dipping sonar to detect submarine at any depth.
What are the weapons that the MH-60 Romeo Helicopters can carry?
The Choppers will be armed with Hellfire missiles, precision kill weapon systems and MK 54 torpedoes. Anti surface warfare missions: It can carry weapons on the four weapon stations, including AGM-114 Hellfire anti-surface missiles. Anti-submarine warfare: Three ATK mk50  or mk46 lightweight torpedoes. 7.26mm machine gun.

What are the specifications of MH-60 Romeo?

Best CDS Coaching in Lucknow will now tell you the specifications of MH-60 R Hlicopters.
Climb Rate: 8.38 m/s
Maximum Cruise Speed : 267 km/h
Range : 834 km
Service ceiling : 3438m
Weight : 6895kg
Maximum take-off weight : 10,659kg.
Thus we can conclude that These helicopters are expected to provide a big boost to the Indian Navy, which is grappling with a dwindling and ageing British-built Sea King Fleet. The deal is also crucial because China has been making aggressive forays into the Indian Ocean Region while expanding its naval forces, in order to become a ‘Blue Water Navy”.
This was all about The ‘Romeo’ Helicopters.
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